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What is Actinic Keratosis?

An actinic keratosis (plural, keratoses) is a small, crusty patch that forms on sun-damaged skin. It may be white and wart like in appearance but may also be pink, red, or brown. Actinic keratoses usually appear on adults older than 40 who have had sustained exposure to the sun without proper sun protection. They are most common on the face, forehead, lips, ears, scalp, neck, forearms, and back of the hands. Although only about 1% of actinic keratoses become skin cancer, having them raises your risk. If you have one actinic keratosis, you are likely to develop more.

Once detected, early identification of the actinic keratosis by a dermatologist is key to reducing risk. This is especially important for actinic keratoses that appear on the head or neck, the site of more aggressive skin cancers. The dermatologist may recommend removal by freezing (cryotherapy), medicated topical creams or ointments, light therapy (phototherapy), chemical peels, or a combination of therapies. Management of the condition requires reducing sun exposure; using sunscreen with a high sun protective factor (SPF); and wearing protective clothing. Long-term follow-up and skin cancer screenings are advised.

Our team is committed to treating and managing the burden of actinic keratosis with compassion and respect. We understand the physical as well as the psychological impact that this condition can have on the individual, and we strive to minimize discomfort while providing expert care.

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