As we age unwanted lines and wrinkles become visible on our faces, specifically across the forehead area, around the eyes, and between the eyebrows. Over time, these creases can become more pronounced, leaving many unsatisfied with their appearance.

The good news is that there are ways to slow and sometimes even reverse the inevitable signs of aging. One of the most popular and proven ways to achieve smoother, younger-looking skin is through Botox injections, which aim to soften fine lines and wrinkles.

The staff at Saguaro Dermatology are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality of care, innovative practices, helpful resources, and state-of-the-art technology to prevent and treat a multitude of skin disorders for patients in the Phoenix and Mesa area. Our physicians are experienced in Botox treatment and are ready to help you achieve the look you desire.

What is Botox?

Botox is the most common brand name for Botulinum toxin type A. Botulinum toxin injections are an FDA-approved neuromodulator treatment for lines and wrinkles that form in the upper face area. As we age and continue to make facial expressions, the facial muscles pull and fold the overlying skin creating visible creases. Botox works by blocking the nerve signals to the muscle in which it was injected. Without a signal, the muscle is not able to contract, resulting in diminished unwanted facial wrinkles. This results in smoother, more youthful-looking skin.

Botox has been popularized as a cosmetic procedure to soften or eliminate frown lines, crows feet, and wrinkles around the lips. It is also used to treat neurological and physiological conditions such as eye twitching, muscle contractions, chronic migraines, and more.

Botox can be used to:

  • Smooth crow’s feet, forehead furrows, frown lines, lip lines, and bunny lines
  • Diminish neck bands
  • Improve the appearance of skin dimpling of the chin
  • Lift the corners of the mouth
  • Soften a square jawline
  • Correct a gummy smile

How is a Botox Injection Procedure Performed?

On the surface, Botox injections are quite simple, but should only be administered by experienced healthcare professionals. At Saguaro Dermatology, our physicians will work with you to determine which muscles need to be treated. A very thin needle is then used to precisely inject small amounts of Botox into the specified muscles.

Cosmetic Botox treatment usually takes 10-20 minutes. The number of injections you need will depend on your facial features and the extent of your wrinkles. Physicians at Saguaro Dermatology in Phoenix and Mesa will work with you to create a customized treatment plan to meet your needs.

Botox treatment is not entirely pain-free, but the needles are small, and the procedure is over quickly. No anesthesia is required, however, your physician may use a topical anesthetic or cold pack to reduce any discomfort. Most patients experience little to no discomfort. There is no downtime or recovery time. You may resume normal activities immediately.
Botox begins working one to three days after injection but can take up to a few weeks to see the full effect. You can expect your skin to look smoother and be wrinkle-free after treatment. Results vary from patient to patient but typically last three months or longer. You can safely repeat the treatment a few times a year to maintain the look you desire. Botox also prevents new lines from occurring.

Looking for Botox in Phoenix or Mesa, Arizona?

Cosmetic Botox candidates looking to receive Botox treatment are healthy adults who wish to improve or prevent visible signs of aging on their face. They experience unwanted lines and wrinkles on their forehead, between the eyebrows, around the eyes, etc. Botox patients do not desire to undergo more invasive treatment such as facial surgery.

Botox is not recommended for those who are pregnant or nursing, those who have neuromuscular diseases, or those who have active skin issues in areas of treatment such as acne or psoriasis.

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Preparation for Botox

Before receiving treatment, you should inform your physician about all of your medical conditions, including whether you have a disease that affects your muscles and nerves, have allergies to any botulinum toxin product, or have experienced any side effects from any other botulinum toxin in the past. Aso disclose your medical history and all the medicines you take.

The most common, although still rare, side effects after Botox treatments are pain, headache, and bruising at the injection site. One may also experience mild drooping of the eyelids and/or eyebrows. More serious side effects are rare but may occur, including allergic reactions. Tell your doctor if you have any side effect that bothers you or that does not subside.
There are four botulinum toxin type A injections available: BOTOX Cosmetic, Dysport, Xeomin, and Jeuveau. All of these contain the same active ingredient and are FDA approved to treat similar aesthetic concerns. The products last a similar amount of time and will yield similar results. However, there are some subtle differences such as the onset of action, diffusion distance, and potential for antibody development.

  • BOTOX Cosmetic: BOTOX® Cosmetic is the first and only treatment FDA-approved to temporarily make moderate to severe frown lines, crow’s feet, and forehead lines look better in adults.
  • Dysport: Dysport is a natural-looking, fast-acting 1-3, long-lasting,2,4 prescription injection proven to help smooth moderate to severe frown lines between the eyebrows—without changing the look or movement of the rest of your face.
  • Xeomin: Xeomin® is a uniquely purified neurotoxin that blocks the release of chemicals that cause these muscle contractions so frown lines are softened.
  • Jeuveau: Jeuveau® stops your nerves from telling your facial muscles to flex, temporarily smoothing moderate to severe lines between the brows.

So what is the best kind of Botox?
The best kind of Botox for you depends on your concerns, medical history, skin type, and more. It’s important to consult with your physician to determine which product is right for you.

How Much Does Botox Cost?

The cost of Botox injections can vary. It is based on factors such as how advanced the fine lines and wrinkles are, how aggressively you want to treat the areas of concern, and the amount of product used.

Here at Saguaro Dermatology, botox pricing is handled holistically with a customized plan that you and one of our physicians create. Customized care is our specialty. Our physicians will work with you to create a personalized treatment plan to meet your specific needs.

Contact our Phoenix or Mesa clinic to learn more about Botox prices and any current Botox specials.

Looking plastic or as if you’ve had a lot of work done is a common concern among those considering cosmetic Botox treatment. That’s where we come in! Our experienced physicians will gladly discuss any questions or concerns you may have and work to make you feel more comfortable. We are trained to determine the best Botox options for you and your specific needs. We aim to soften the signs of aging, not to completely freeze all muscles of facial expression.

Preventative Botox in Phoenix and Mesa

Botox is as much preventative as it is therapeutic. “Baby Botox”, or use of Botox in younger patients and typically at lower doses aims to prevent or eliminate lines while still providing natural movement. Our experts at Saguaro Dermatology will listen and then work with you to design a customized plan that works best for you, your lifestyle, and your goals.

Don’t confuse Botox with dermal fillers, which plump up tissues to eliminate lines. Both are used to treat wrinkles on the face and are administered via injection but have slightly different uses. Botox works to soften fine lines and wrinkles by relaxing or blocking muscle movements. Fillers, on the other hand, replace volume to correct lines and wrinkles.

Our Approach and Expertise for Botox Patients

We believe that Botox injections performed by experienced board-certified dermatologists are safer and of higher quality than those performed by other practitioners.
Our board-certified dermatologists and professional staff will know the specifics of your health history and treatment and will be able to respond to any concerns you have. Treatments provided by Saguaro Dermatology are always customized to an individual patient’s needs, lifestyle, and priorities.

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