Residency Program at Saguaro Dermatology

Saguaro Dermatology is proud to support our community through our partnership with other healthcare institutions including HonorHealth’s Dermatology Residency Program. Starting July 2022 Saguaro Dermatology’s Dathan Hamann, MD and Carsten R. Hamann, MD, PhD joined the HonorHealth Dermatology Residency core faculty. Additionally, Dathan Hamann, MD now serves as Associate Program Director and Carsten R. Hamann, MD, PhD serves as Director of Research. Saguaro Dermatology has always prided itself on its commitment to education and to training future board-certified dermatologists. This endeavor has primarily taken place through our partner clinic, Contact Dermatitis Institute, but we are proud to extend this educational commitment to Saguaro Dermatology itself.

What does this mean for my clinic visit?

Our dermatology residents are full physicians who have completed medical school and at least one year of training in internal medicine. They are capable, intelligent, excellent physicians, in training to become full board-certified dermatologists. If you are scheduled with a resident physician they will be your primary physician but with close supervision from Dathan Hamann, MD or Carsten R. Hamann, MD, PhD.

Meet Our Residents

Aditi Chandra, DO

Aditi Chandra, DO, PGY2

Dr. Chandra joined Saguaro Dermatology as a resident in July 2022. She was born in North Carolina and raised in Northern California. She completed her undergraduate studies…

Neil Vigil, MD

Neil Vigil, MD, PGY2

Dr. Vigil joined the HonorHealth Dermatology Residency Program as a resident physician in July of 2022 after completing an Internal Medicine internship…

Guy Charest, DO

Guy Charest, DO, PGY3

Dr. Charest joined HonorHealth Dermatology as a resident physician in July 2021. He previously completed a preliminary year in Internal Medicine at HonorHealth Thompson…

Ariel Darnall, DO

Ariel Darnall, DO, PGY3

Dr. Darnall joined HonorHealth Dermatology Residency as a resident physician in July of 2021 after completing an Internal Medicine internship at HonorHealth. She earned…

David Baltazar, DO

David Baltazar, DO, PGY4

Dr. Baltazar earned his undergraduate degree from University of the Pacific in Stockton, CA. Afterward he completed his Doctorate in Physical Therapy from University…

Mike McBride, DO

Mike McBride, DO, PGY4

Dr. McBride began his residency with HonorHealth in 2020. He was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio and completed his Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from The…