Shyann Wampler, RN, BSN

Meet Shyann Wampler, RN, BSN

Saguaro Dermatology is excited to welcome Shyann Wampler, RN, BSN to our staff. Shyann joins as Nurse Aesthetician and specializes in injections services. The term “Nurse Aesthetician” may be new to many so Shyann was happy to share a little about herself and her work in this interesting field of Dermatology.

Saguaro Dermatology: Welcome to Saguaro Dermatology! Are you also new to Phoenix?
Shyann: Actually, I was born and raised here in AZ. I earned my BS in Nursing at Grand Canyon University and then spent two years as a Traveling Nurse. I discovered I had a passion for aesthetics and for the natural beauty of this incredible state, so I returned to Phoenix to become qualified as a Nurse Aesthetician. It’s an exciting yet relatively new field. I am continually seeking out new coursework and certification to stay abreast of the latest techniques in the field.

Saguaro Dermatology: Are you also sometimes referred to as “Nurse Injector”?
Shyann: Yes and that may be new to people as well. Basically, it covers treatments for the many different skin modalities including treatments for skin wrinkling, microneedling to repair any scarring and texture, and many other skin conditions.

Saguaro Dermatology: What do you find most satisfying about your work each day?
Shyann: I love helping clients find confidence in their skin. Every treatment I recommend is targeted to the specific needs of each individual so that each patient leaves feeling confident and beautiful.

Saguaro Dermatology: But wait! Is this process only for women?
Shyann: Not at all! I have worked with many men, for the needs specific to the masculine skin. Both men and women have skin and aging concerns. And specific treatments for both sexes can be safely treated in my chair.

Shyann informing a patient at Saguaro Dermatology

Saguaro Dermatology: As a Nurse Aesthetician, what do you want your clients to know about their skin?
Shyann: First, it is okay to have blemishes, dark spots, wrinkles, scarring, sagging skin, and so on. That’s just how we humans age. My role is to provide education and treatments that target the specific concerns of each patient. And to provide the right guidance and treatment to prevent, correct and maintain the desired results.

Saguaro Dermatology: Not to get too personal here but we’d love to know: what part of your daily skin routine do you NEVER skip?
Shyann: Sunscreen! My motto: “It is easier and cheaper to protect against skin damage that it is to correct it.”

Saguaro Dermatology: And your favorite skin care product?
Shyann: “SkinBetter Science Alpharet Overnight Cream”. This product helps exfoliate and visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and discoloration. A budget friendly option to consider is the Saguaro Derm “in-house retinol”. It’s a great introduction to retinol, which helps target aging. I’d love to help anyone determine which product will be best for their needs.

Saguaro Dermatology: Before you head back to your treatment room, would you tell us a little about what you like to do apart from your work?
Shyann: I love the outdoors! Camping, hiking, kayaking or boating with my dogs. And always protecting my skin with sunscreen, of course! My passion for wellness extends to my kitchen, too. I love making homemade juices and learning new recipes with wholesome foods.

Saguaro Dermatology: Anything else you’d like to share about yourself and your new role here at Saguaro Dermatology?
Shyann: Just this: I am excited about combining my years of nursing experience and education with my passion as a Nurse Aesthetician. I truly want to help build confidence in my clients and patients. Looking good on the outside comes with the right treatments, products and the desire to be healthy from the inside out!

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