Saguaro Dermatology, Contact Dermatitis Institute, and SmartPractice Allergen Bank

Affiliated to give you Arizona’s best Skin Allergy Test

Skin Allergy Test

Saguaro Dermatology is proud to be affiliated with Contact Dermatitis Institute and the SmartPractice Allergen Bank pharmacy

When allergy patch testing is needed, Saguaro Dermatology is proud to partner with Contact Dermatitis Institute (CDI), world-renowned leaders in patch testing. Patch testing is used to diagnose allergic contact dermatitis, a type four allergy caused by chemicals you come in contact with in your environment. CDI works in conjunction with SmartPractice Allergen Bank to get you a custom allergy test based on your history, occupation, and other chemicals you encounter in your daily life. 

CDI also can also evaluate products that you can bring to the clinic and see if they are appropriate for testing along with standardized tests. If you suspect a sunscreen allergy or a photo allergy, they can ensure that you get standardized photo-patch testing. If nobody can figure out your skin allergy, we can work with the pharmacy to investigate and identify possible allergens and chemicals that could be causing you eczema, itching, and other rashes. 

Don’t settle for treating with steroids and other medicines if you don’t have a diagnosis. You deserve Arizona’s best skin allergy test.   

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