Allergic Contact Dermatitis

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Allergic Contact Dermatitis

What is Allergic Contact Dermatitis?

Allergic contact dermatitis is a skin condition caused by a reaction to a contact allergen. The reaction does not occur upon first contact but after a second or repeated exposure over time to the same allergen. Common contact allergens include ingredients in fragrance and cosmetics; preservatives; rubber; plants; nickel, gold, and other metals; and many others. Allergic contact dermatitis can take many forms: a red, itchy rash; dry and cracked or scaly skin; bumps, blisters and lesions; and swelling and tenderness. Once you have developed allergic contact dermatitis, it is likely to recur. A personal or family history of other allergies may increase your chance of developing this skin condition.

The most effective treatment for allergic contact dermatitis begins with identifying the substance that has caused your rash and then avoiding it. In some cases, such as with poison ivy, diagnosis may be straightforward. In others, patch testing may be required to determine which specific allergen is causing your dermatitis. With strict avoidance of the allergenic substance, healing may take several weeks or longer. To treat your symptoms while your skin recovers, you may be prescribed corticosteroids, anti-inflammatory agents, antihistamines, barrier creams, and moisturizers, as well as medicated shampoos and oral medications.

Our expert team is experienced in diagnosing the many causes of allergic contact dermatitis, and we are a leading proponent and provider of patch testing. Once a diagnosis has been made, we provide personalized consultation and customized educational materials on allergen avoidance and skin care.

Wondering about the costs related to patch testing?

Saguaro Dermatology, located in central Phoenix (just south of the Biltmore/Arcadia area and north of Tempe) offers Patching Testing. Patch testing is the only medical test that can identify a delayed allergy.

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